Herbcraft - Flowering (JDR001 Art Edition)


A1. Turquoise
A2. California Poppy
A3. Journey To the Center of Your Hive
A4. Magic Carpet Ride Hallucination No.4
A5. Sunset Glow
A6. First Knock
B1. Second Knock / Answer
B2. Flowers Strewn
B3. Psychic Spore Travellin'
B4. Roll Away the Stone

Sub-edition of 30 copies - SOLD OUT

Julia Dream Recordings are pleased to offer a limited art edition in a sub-issue of only 30 copies. The track listing on both the standard and art editions is the same. Features of the art edition are:

- The art edition is housed in a sheesham wood box featuring ornate plant carvings and gold leaf flower on the lid.

- The art edition includes a number of inserts and artwork that is unique to this sub-edition:

- “Ashram”-style scroll featuring a print of the cover artwork on 100% recycled handmade cotton rag paper made in Southern India.

- Library card-style Certificate of Authenticity including catalogue number, unique art edition number and individual hand-drawn sketch by the artist himself. Each sketch is different and unique to each art edition.

- Four postcards including: one of the cover artwork and tape inlay on reverse with tracklisting, inspiriations and credits; two “Flowering” postcards including hand-written lyrics and sketches; and fourth postcard featuring details and artwork of the original self-press release of Flowering. All four postcards are included in each art edition.

Reviews of Flowering Art Edition

"Stunning OTT wooden box art edition." - Volcanic Tongue

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